Columbus Day With Traps In Maps


As a commemoration of today, which is  Columbus Day and celebrated in several countries, we will take you on a trip which is indeed a trip to nowhere – traps in maps. With these copyright traps deliberetely inserted by cartographers, the journey with these maps is actually what Christopher Columbus might have experienced. Have a look at places that are no more than just names in maps.

Beatosu and Goblu, Ohio

Goblu beatosu.jpg
By Source, Fair use, Link

Agloe, New York

Image of a series of roads an intersections in New York State, with state routes "17" and "206," and villages or hamlets "Roscoe," "Rockland," and "Agloe."
By Byrne, Ian (19 March 2006). Errors on road maps(2). Petrol Maps. Published by Retrieved on 2008-09-01 from here., Fair use, Link

Argleton, West Lancashire, England

Argleton - Google Maps 1257569106217.png
By Source, Fair use, Link

Sandy Island, New Caledonia

New Caledonia and Vanuatu bathymetric and topographic map-fr.svg
Autor: Eric Gaba (Stingfr:Sting) – Own work ; Sources of data: Elevation: SRTM30 Plus; Shorelines: NGDC GSHHS and NGA Prototype Global Shoreline (public domain); International boundaries and reefs: NGDC World Data Bank II (public domain); VMap-0 (public domain); Additional references used: Names: IRD document, ZoNéCo document and maps; Volcanoes: IRD documents [1] and [2] and site; Île de Sable: SHOM anouncement., GFDL, Odkaz

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