Colors In The Interiors And Their Effects On Our Moods

Neutral colors like white, black, grey or cream not only are consistent colours that hardly ever will be out of fashion, they also help to reduce the intensity of the bright and active colors, like red, orange or yellow. 

Yellow is an energetic color, suitable for a living room or the kitchen. Yellow can also help increase the feeling of warmth in north oriented rooms or rooms which lack sunshine. In large areas,  it can cause irritability and impatience. It’s always good to combine it with a neutral colour. 

Light pastel blue is calming color.  It softens the breathing and the heartbeat. In southern oriented rooms,  blue evokes a feeling of reducing heat. Blue needs to be adjusted with warm and neutral colors. 

Red is the most energetic color of them all. Very suitable in meeting rooms, because it makes people gather together while it is absolutely not recommended for bedrooms. 

Green is another calming color. Perhaps you‘ve noticed green in light shades in hospitals. It helps to relax and works well in bedrooms as well. 

Orange,  similar to red, evokes excitment. It work well for a living room. 

Purple,  like lavender,  brings peace and works well for sleeping.

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