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We have been covering the country of universities, France and with this article shall conclude with Paris, the city of love and romance.

In this city that never sleeps you’ll probably run into individuals of all origins from every corner of the Earth. The city has close to two thousand monuments and nearly two hundred museums and more than four hundred parks in its twenty districts. Although, France is a country where the adage ‘rules are made to be broken’ might apply the most, thankfully most of the dog owners have begun to clear up the poop left behind by their pets and you can even walk barefoot in the parks if you’re adventurous enough.

Notre Dame de Paris after the fire

The most visited monument in the world the cathedral of Notre Dame caught fire recently. This one monument attracted more than 14 million visitors each year.

One of the most thoughtful projects that was initiated by the French high speed train company was the installation of pianos at many of the train stations with a sign ‘play me I’m yours’. This caught up in different parts of the world. The transport system for local travel is affordable and super efficient except at those times that the French in their solidarity go on strikes better known as en greve. This is a national sport and attracts people from most walks of life who just don’t mind the inconveniences and will walk many kilometres and travel long distances to join the protests and strikes.

On any given day if you walk around Etoile you are bound to run into a famous model or two and even spot famous actors and celebrities from around the world in a restaurant at Montparnasse, Montmartre or one of the others mostly frequented by the French. The French people leave them alone and don’t bother them for autographs or invade their privacy.

Foreign students just love it here and there are any number of them. Foreign students were costing the French people over 3 billion Euros a year. This resulted in the government raising the fees on foreigners substantially this year onwards.

While there is something different to do each day in Paris, my favourite place is the quaint Latin quarter which is home to the Sorbonne university. This is where you experience young energy at its best, be it at the cafes, the parks or just anywhere around.

There are many Paris in the world. In the U.S. alone there are 23 and even Panama has one but nothing can compare with this city of everything. This is one city where even your average taxi driver will engage in a conversation on philosophy with you, provided he likes you. Always be polite and dignified in the country of France, even in the most testing situations and you would have won.

Universities in Paris

As usual we would request you to go through the websites of the universities to find the courses you most aspire to. Here are the public universities that we usually cover:

Universite Paris II Pantheon Assas

Official website

Universite Paris Diderot

Official website

University New Sorbonne Paris 3

Official website

Universite Paris Descartes

Official website

Universite Paris 1 Sorbonne
Official website

Sorbonne Universite
Official website

Cost of Living

Cramped accommodations and all, you’ll still enjoy, even come to love this city. Expensive it is and the suggested budget is 1400 $ per month inclusive of shared accommodations and exclusive of fees. For entertainment there are any number of possibilities and if you’re on a limited budget even a sandwich in the park or by the Seine with your friends and fellow students is entirely worth it.

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