Christmas 100 Years Ago


We at YT hope that you are experiencing Christmas this year just the way you like it.  But in case you would be interested in taking a break and making a trip into the past, we offer you a look at what Christmas was like about a hundred years ago.

Here we go little more then 100 years ago – Christmas tree (1900) / Photo: miningcamper

Family portrait with christmas tree, circa 1910, Berlin, Germany / Photo: Shutterstock

The important factor of the times of 100 years ago was one of the biggest conflict in history – WWI, which necessarily influenced the image of Christmas holidays. 

Xmas Christmas In The Trenches (1914-1918)

Ward 22, Harefield Hospital – Christmas 1915 / Photo: Aussie~mobs

German officers celebrate Christmas (1917) / Photo: pellethepoet

WW1 Christmas 1916 / Photo: Aussie~mobs

Wards in No. 2 Gen. (December 1916) / Photo: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives

Children’s Christmas party after Halifax explosion (1917) / Photo: Toronto History

Vintage christmas card printed in Germany (1915) / Photo: Shutterstock

Greeting postcard printed in the Germany, circa 1914 / Photo: Shutterstock

Christmas Presents Under The Tree 100 Years Ago

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