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World Development Information Day in a Nutshell

In this Youth Time piece, you will read about the marking of World Development Information Day, its background, relevance and ways to observe it, as well as how development is related to nowadays’ technology and its proper usage. The article also takes a concise look at Sustainable and Development Goals established by the United Nations targeting a better socio-economic world, and not only, for every one of us, by 2030.

Why Do We Like People and Things We Cannot Get?

Paradoxically, people fall for unachievable things, ideas, and people. That is to say, people usually tend to appreciate things, which they do not own, or people who are to a certain extent unavailable or not reachable. Keep reading if you want to find out the reasons for such behavior.

Explore Art Online: Top 5 Galleries and Museums

With the pandemic shutting down the whole world, most of us are confined to the walls of our homes. Staying home 24/7 can leave anyone bored to their core. No one can binge watch streaming websites or surf the web for months. So people naturally need some old fashioned entertainment of culture and education.

What Does Thinking Globally Mean and Why Does It Matter?

We hear it all the time, the phrase that says: Think Globally, act locally. The so-long-used phrase was introduced first in 1915 by the Scottish planner and conservationist, Patrick Geddes. But many people still don’t know what he meant, and what does it generally mean to think globally.

Free Online Courses for Nutritionists and Dieticians

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics along with the Commission of Dietetic Registration had forecast way back in 2010 that Dieticians and Nutritionists will be very much in demand. Even though the workforce in these professions is not yet in critically short supply, the need is way above average compared to many professions and is to continue in the times to come. In this article, we talk about some of the important aspects of the profession and free online courses that help add to your qualifications and knowledge.