The Influence of Music on Memory and Cognition

The parts of the brain responsible for memory retrieval, linguistic analysis, emotional processing, and reward anticipation are all revitalized through musical engagement and production. Music aids in recalling previously taught…

Diversity and Equality in the workplace

The benefits of hiring a more diverse workforce are numerous. Increased productivity and creativity are only two of the many upsides to having a more productive workforce

Truth and dishonesty

We all tell lies, we probably have repented but you have told a lie before. Haven’t you? Okay, you might not like how it sounds so let’s say you refused…

Comparison, the thief of joy

All things shall pass but certainly Theodore Roosevelt’s statement “comparison is the thief of joy” made in 1898 is still relevant in 2022.

Ways to be productive in a distracted world

Mastering time management in the days of the internet is a breakthrough. The majority daily spend much time hoping to change their addictions overnight. We all feel guilty when we…

Love languages are fluid

Still, figuring out how best you can show love to your partner? Did you know your love language can be influenced by your spouse’s personality or the exposure of your…