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QUIZ: Where These Famous Films Were Shot

For the last article of this week there is the usual selection of movies. Nevertheless, for this week we have prepared a list, which is a little more entertaining and have combined it with Quiz. It is quite simple - what were the locations where these films were shot. Good luck and enjoy our weekly movie picks.

Finnish Vocational Universities Launch a New Joint Entrance Exam

In this week’s news we speak about the end of inspection of Iranian universities by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), potential partnership between Peking and Cambridge universities and a new joint entrance exam for Finland's vocational universities.

Communications Volunteer with WWF in Cambodia

WWF has an opening through its Youth Volunteer Internship Programme for a communications volunteer for a 6-month assignment with the WWF Cambodia. Deadline to apply is 30 September 2019

New Method of Construction. Real 3D Printed Homes

Times sure are changing. And it is valid even for construction and architecture. The pressure on the price and time needed for construction brought unusual solutions. One of them is 3D printing. A technology which just some years ago would have been considered as science fiction, now has become a reality. We bring you videos of such projects.

Saving Lakes, One at a Time!

Moved by the deteriorating conditions of the lakes in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley and one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country, Anand Malligavad took it upon himself to save them single-handedly. Having saved four lakes so far, and committing himself to reviving 45 lakes by 2025, he is a force to reckon with in his city and is trying to keep the glory of the ‘City of Lakes’ from dying a painful death.