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Retro Appliances And Devices Vs. The Modern Ones

One does not lack what one doesn't know about. With the abundance of appliances and devices that are produced today we do not think of the way they became necessities. Let's make a trip to the past and compare some of the previously made devices and how they contrast with the contemporary ones.

Relentless Hero Nikhiya Shamsher: Only 16 and Has Entirely Transformed the...

You would have to be a true word wizard to name all the achievements of young Nikhiya Shamsher (16) in one brief paragraph. A thank-you note she received from a girl called Roja has changed her perception of the world. When barely a teenager, at the age of 12, Nikhiya formed an NGO called Women Have the Same Set of Teeth as Men. Its initiative – Bags, Books and Blessings – has helped more than 11000 students from 30 schools to receive school supplies, while another project called Yearn to Learn has provided 115 brand new Science and Math laboratories benefiting more than 12000 young souls. A student whose grandmother has arthritis and cannot climb stairs has made a prototype of a Hydraulic lift, thanks to the laboratory provided by Nikhiya’s NGO. In recognition of all her good deeds, Nikhiya Shamsher received the prestigious Diana Legacy Award at St. James’s Palace last year. She has spent the last 18 months developing and validating a diagnostic method to detect the early risk of oral pre-cancer and cancer in chronic smokers. Her research paper has won the Gandhian Young Technological Award and has been featured in the Harvard University Journal of Emerging Investigators. This girl seems unstoppable…

Beiersdorf International Internship Challenge

Top international students are invited to compete for fully-funded international internships at Beiersdorf, a German personal-care company, manufacturing such products as Nivea, Elastopast, etc. The deadline is on 28 June 2019.

Places On This Earth That Are Not For People Suffering From...

The demand for new and more amazing, exceptional and memorable photographs is inexhaustible, forcing individuals into crazy adventures. Today we discover some of the places which those suffering from acrophobia would never venture out to. Check it out.

Google Grants $25m to NGOs in AI Impact Challenge

Here Youth Time Magazine publishes three of the most interesting and informative youth related news items of the past week. Our weekly news roundup is published every Monday and Friday and contains just some of the most important developments in the world of global youth. Follow, like and submit comments on Facebook and other Youth Time media.