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Future Jobs in Marketing and Sale

Sales, marketing, and content creation neatly tie into digital marketing, a field that focuses on online-based platforms that promote services. As online shopping has become second nature to a growing number of people, more jobs revolve around customer service and eCommerce. In this article, we will talk about new responsibilities that marketers take on as well as the hard and soft skills that help them progress in their careers.

Technical University of Munich: Free Courses

The concentration by this university is in the areas of natural sciences, engineering, medicine and technology issues with reference to social sciences. This university is ranked number one in Germany and holds 55th place in the world rankings. Interestingly their motto is ‘The Entrepreneurial University’.

WhatsApp Lifehacks: Digital Skills You Must Learn

WhatsApp has become an ultimate messenger for more than 200 million people who send 29 million messages every minute. WhatsApp allows us to stay connected and makes our life easier by providing instant access to information. To make the experience more tech-savvy, the app has several features that many of us overlook. In this article you will learn about 11 WhatsApp lifehacks that will make your user experience more fun and meaningful.

Columbia University – Free Online Courses

Yesterday we spoke about an Ivy League university, Princeton. Today it’s one more from the group which is Columbia that offers free online courses also aimed with the purpose of contributing towards social development.

Pondicherry, India – the French Riviera of the East

Nestled in the Southern part of India, Pondicherry is often hailed as the “French Riviera of the East” and is a place where bougainvillea grow wild against the yellow walls of charming colonial bungalows, cozy cafes are abuzz with backpackers and locals alike, and the sound of waves crashing against Rock Beach, the whiff of spicy curries and crepes perfume the air, and magnificent French churches raise their steeples in an atmosphere of serenity and calm.  This erstwhile French colony still retains the charm of days long ago, and a walk through the narrow streets of Pondicherry is likely to give one a taste of France in India.