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Behind the Curtains: the Burdens of Reporting during a Pandemic

By way of illustration, while my editor and I were discussing the format of this article, people all over social media were part of an immense debate whether ibuprofen makes the current pandemic worse or not (this article has no intention of resolving this dilemma itself).

University of Birmingham Student Organizes Global Hackathon

In this week’s news roundup we speak about safety net policy adopted by Cambridge, University of Birmingham student’s global “hackathon” and false April Fools’ Day announcement that tricked Wisconsin students.

How to Bring Raphael into Your Living Room: Tour Famous Museums...

Watch art and history come alive in vibrant colors and 360° views from home. In this article, we bring you useful sources to take a virtual tour to the Louvre in Paris, NASA's Research Centers in the US, Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City and the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.

My Brilliant Friend – the Story Played by Life

Before we deal with the successful Italian series `My Brilliant Friend`, I want you to think back to someone who was free and brave in your childhood. And what did you feel, each time you were next to that person, or now when you think of  that person? These are the feelings that you must keep in mind as you watch the fascinating story of the lives of Lila and Elena.

Scholarships for Africans and Other Specifically Targeted Countries

As the world continues watching the current scenario, the last dates for most of the scholarships are being extended. In this article, we shall cover those scholarships that are specifically aimed at international students from the African continent and other targeted countries.