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Latest articles

Educational Exchange Programs Around The World

For anyone out there who wants to travel the world without the repercussions of missing out on weeks of study, we have compiled a list of student exchange programs that will enable you to live abroad for a semester or two, absorb the new culture, all while studying at a host institute. The programs provide scholarships that cover tuition fees and accommodation, therefore, will require you to make sure that your profile shines bright through all the documents, motivation letters and recommendations.

Free Online Courses – Davidson College

Davidson College is one of the best known liberal arts colleges in the USA having students from all continents. For its undergraduate courses the colleague usually accepts one in five applicants.

Microsoft Excel Time Saving Lifehacks

Out of all the apps, Microsoft Excel is probably the only software that reminds of a love or hate relationship. This is not surprising as although the spreadsheets in themselves help automate many mundane calculations, it might be a nightmare to navigate through all the formulae and shortcuts. This article is an attempt to outline the main features of the MS Excel in simple terms so that the app become more intuitive and user friendly.

International Day of Peace: Resolving Differences 

Each year, on 21 September, the United Nations (UN) calls on everyone, in every corner of the world, to observe 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire. As we may all agree, 24 peaceful hours are definitely not sufficient for having prosperous communities living in harmony, however, this symbolism reminds us of the importance of enjoying life in peace. Youth Time will brief you on the background of International Day of Peace and will elaborate on the ways people work towards peacebuilding missions with the Conciliation Resources initiative.

10 Inspiring Women to Follow in 2020

The role of women in society has evolved significantly in the last few decades. Women have more rights and opportunities than ever before. These women, and so many others, are slowly changing the world. By excelling in sports, politics, activism, writing, acting and doing whatever they are passionate about, these women make waves in the very fabric of society. Every woman has the power to do something amazing with their lives and to inspire others to do the same.