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Students´ Life in Helsinky, Finland

The most spectacular light show on Earth that can be seen almost 200 days each year; the Northern Lights, wife carrying championships, mosquito hunting competitions, swamp football, saunas, lakes and fascinating nature. You are in Helsinki, Finland.

Studies in a Northern Country – University City Helsinki, Finland

The country is known for its saunas and lakes. There are almost 200,000 lakes and practically every office has a sauna. Even Burger King decided to have one. Nudity is vastly accepted and the male and female colleagues share the sauna during or after office hours.

Google News Initiative Fellowship

The Google News Initiative Fellowship offers paid summer placements to journalism, technology or design students and recent graduates who want to gain valuable work experience and build a professional network. Organisers are offering 50 exciting fellowship placements across 14 countries. The deadline is on 30 March 2020.

From Fear to Joy of Missing Out. Perhaps It’s Time for...

Fear of Missing Out, for which social media is colossally responsible, is widely defined as a constant desire to stay connected to what others are doing online. This widely shared need to stay connected, and the fear that others are having more interesting and rewarding lives, is among the biggest causes of social media addiction, a study suggests.

Nomad Travel Writing Scholarship: Win a Trip to the Caribbean

The World Nomad Travel Writing Scholarship is sending three aspiring travel writers to explore beyond the sandy shores and crystal waters of the Caribbean. On the 14-day trip you'll attend a workshop with NY Times contributor Tim Neville then put what you've learned into practice and tackle real-life travel writing assignments. The deadline is on 11 March 2020.