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25 Home Must-Have Items From Around the World Part Two

In Part One of our Must Have items for your home, we travelled the globe in search of items that some households can't live without. Now we're back to find some more.

Open Webinar Series – Apply Today

Youth Time are back with more open and free webinars for all young people. This time we are focusing on sustainability within business and how this will impact our futures.

Free Online Courses – Human Resources Manager

The average demand for HR managers keeps rising by six per cent each year and the trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. This is well above the average for most other professions.

Udemy: Affordable Online Education for Adults

Udemy has a simple slogan: improving life through learning. The leading global marketplace for learning and instruction believes in helping individuals achieve their dreams. Udemy offers affordable classes aimed at working adults. The lectures are bite-sized and can be done on the go at any pace via their mobile app or at home. Their courses come with certificates of completion that can be great additions to your resume. Udemy boasts 35 million users, 57,000 instructors, 130,000 courses and is used by 80% of Fortune 100 companies for employee upskilling.

The BEST Tips For Building Public Speaking Skills

The dread of giving speeches, making presentations and general public speaking may follow us even beyond high school. However, they are some of the most important life skills that you can have. Knowing facts and having great ideas is important. But being able to express those in an eloquent way is key to being successful. The best way to get better at public speaking is to keep practicing. There are also various resources out there that can turn even the shyest person into a powerful public speaker.