Coachella 2022 Highlights

After two years of pausing because of the pandemic, the biggest music festival worldwide came back this year.

5 Ways to Enjoy Jazz Everyday

Jazz music creates some type of special connection and understanding between people. It’s that type of music that symbolizes freedom and breaks every kind of barrier between people and cultures

Dolly Parton: A Living Legend

Some people become legends because they excel in one field over the course of their life. Dolly Parton became a legend because she excels in many.

The World of Glitch Hop

Europe is known for having superb taste in electronic music. As 2022 predicts that the electronic music world will only expand rather than decline, unique genres of techno music are…

Billie Eilish: Gen Z Icon

Having started to garner attention ever since she was 13, Billie Eilish has now become one of the biggest gen z musical sensations worldwide.

Music and Dental Health

Medical research concluded that places such as emergency rooms and physical therapy practices, use music to ease stress, improve immune and hormone production, reduce pain and elevate mood. Does music…

The Music of Black History Month

As music continues to bring people through various walks of life, it’s important to acknowledge black musicians that sculpted, created, and invented much of the music individuals know and love…