Can Cruella Change Her Spots In New Film?

From 101 Dalmatians, comes a new look for Cruella as performed by Emma Stone. But does it hit all the right spots. We watched to find out.

The world keeps making noise from the recently launched release of the story of Cruella – the world-famous Disney tyrant. Everyone remembers her from 101 Dalmatians, where she was the one who dreamed of creating the coat of spotted dogs.

Indeed, in a fresh-baked onscreen performance, Cruella’s new dreams and desires are not so cruel. Namely, the film itself gives the impression of a prequel to all the versions that do exist about the life of a woman with a half black and white hairstyle. Let’s follow it gradually.


On Its Own

But my advice at first. Probably, when the authors came up with the idea for the new Cruella, they were unlikely to seek associations with past versions. Because the difference between the stories is sensual. 

Every detail in the new film only adds to a new Cruella charm and colour. By far this film is perceived as an independent story, then you can feel its fabulousness.

Estella, Cruella’s real name, is an outstanding girl, owning amazing hair, with a talent to design. 

And the only ones in her soul were a beloved mother and a dog she picked up on the street. Her complicated character was an obstacle in a new society, for instance with schoolmates. 

So one day, when Cruella was expelled from a prestigious school, she and her mother were forced to move to London. There was a heavy loss on the way: her mother was killed, Estella saw everything with her own eyes, so then the girl needed to run away and hide.


Cruella or Estella?

Being in London and spending the night beside the street fountain, she met two boys with whom would spend her future life. Such a small family of thieves who work in a team and support, in life, as brothers and sisters. 

On Estella’s birthday, they gave her an invitation to work in the trendy clothing store in London. 

Where once, getting drunk, Estella shattered the style of the old showcase and added her dummy outfit. The influence designer, the Baroness, hires her and everything interesting begins with it.

The story of Cruella turned out elegant. Most people who have watched the film are waiting for the brutal massacre and sharp antics of the main character. Instead, they are given beautiful shots, even exquisite episodes of revenge, with a sufficient load of graphics.

 It was the graphics that slightly tarnished the overall quality of the film. The picture of the characters lags behind the gestures. 

On the contrary, Cruella is too restrained in her movements, even the ocean swings more actively than her. The dog was also too artificial. In general, poor graphic design is almost the only disadvantage of the production.


Sharp Story… Or Not?

However, it seems that creating a sharp plot was not the main idea of ​​the team. On the contrary, they showed Cruella’s femininity, not blind cruelty to all living things, as it was flowered inside Baroness, but an attempt to obtain justice in the form of revenge by the same weapon – `They took what I loved, I will take it from you.

But from the beginning, it was clear that from childhood Estella was suffering from uncontrollable emotions. 

Therefore, her revenge was mounting. And it seems that the roof is about to break. But not yet. The finale was that the woman managing to stop the riot and end the case with a gesture of justice and the revelation of the horrible Baroness figure.


Don’t Go Too Deep

In general, the story of Cruella in 2021 is a beautiful story, aesthetic. There is either fashion, and beautiful dresses, and the path to the stars through painful emotions. 

But what will surely captivate everyone is the sound line. It was fantastic, precise and selected with refined taste. The songs are known to everyone. And after this film, they would sound new to everyone as well. 

Watch this film for the sake of music, Emma Stone’s talent, she is incredible for sure, and the beauty of images. Don’t get too excited about the script, don’t make yourself a super critic, just enjoy yourself while watching. And then you will enjoy brand new Cruella.

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