Best Cafes In Budapest For Studying And Working


Described as a “little Paris on the Danube”, Budapest is highly popular among students for its affordable prices and lively nightlife. It is a city of history – modern architecture stands alongside historical monuments, creating an eclectic mix of architectural styles. It is also a city of plenty of cozy cafes and hidden spots, perfect for those who wish to work and study outside of their homes. Here are our the top 5.

Litea: Literature & Tea Bookshop

Inspiring environment with a variety of books that you can buy on the spot, this teahouse and bookstore will have you working and studying effortlessly. If you love to work and study in a bright open space, this place is a must.

Csendes Vintage Bar & Café

One of the most popular places among students, this trendy café has a bohemian, cool vibe to it and offers food choices along with various hot and cold drinks. During the week it is filled with laptops and students from nearby universities cramming for exams.

Garzon Cafe

This busy downtown café offers a traditional retro interior and a space that was modeled after a small apartment. Just like a normal apartment, the café has a “kitchen” and a “living room” and guests can choose where they would like to sit. This creates a very cozy atmosphere, perfect for studying at home away from home.

Mika Tivadar Mulato

Charming café with fancy chandeliers, Mika Tivadar Mulato is aimed at those who prefer to study in a rather trendy environment. However, the prices still remain reasonable and a choice on the menu is very varied.

Kamra Campus

Simple interior and friendly service – these are among the things that attract students and workers to this café. It doesn’t get too busy which is great if you prefer to study in peace and quiet.

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