By Spinning Yarn to Meditation – Traditional Handicrafts On The Rise

Many of the fairy tales often offer some lesson or the other. The spinning wheel in the Sleeping Beauty symbolizes the necessity of creating stillness within ourselves.

Mahatma Gandhi´s seat and spinning wheel at Sabarmati Ashram at Ahmedabad, India

For most of the traditional cultures, handiwork is an not only a practical part of life but as it seems, these crafts also contribute towards developing a spiritual character.

Some cultures suggest that the work created with our own hands tell a story of our lives. Handiwork nonetheless was sorely neglected over the last several decades until it began picking up recently. It is beautiful and filled with symbolism.

How to spin yarn

Let´s go back to the beginning and learn today, how to spin yarn.

How to Spin Yarn On a Wheel

How to spin

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