Business Today International Conference for Undergrads

For the past 45 years, Business Today’s International Conference attracts top undergraduate students from across the world to attend an all-expenses-paid three-day conference in New York City. The deadline is 15 August 2019.

This unique opportunity exposes attendees to diverse viewpoints, not only from many industries and companies, but also from students of different countries, universities, and backgrounds.

The mission of the conference is to connect influential business executives with top undergraduate students to develop the next generation of leaders.

Business Today’s International Conference aims to create a meaningful dialogue in which students and executives can connect and learn from each other so that together we can face the issues of tomorrow.

The 2019 IC Theme: The New Era Of Globalization

Business Today’s 45th International Conference seeks to explore the impact of this new wave of globalization on affected businesses and industries worldwide. Over the three-day conference, participants will examine issues ranging from the impact of changing globalization on the service sector to how global digitization expands market opportunities for small companies and developing countries.

Main criteria

The application is open for undergraduate students. All documents must be submitted in English. To apply, candidates need to provide their CV and fill in information on their background and accomplishments.

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