Brodet, Golubtsy Or Gemista – Are You Familiar With Dishes From Different Cuisines?

Souvlaki – Greek meat skewers grilled and usually served in pita bread with sauces and vegetables.


Gemista – Another Greek dish consisting of stuffed vegetables, such as tomatoes, paprika, eggplant, zuchini. The base for the stuffing is rice.


Tarator – A Bulgarian cold soup, similar to tzatziki in terms of ingredients(yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and dill), but very different in consistency.


Banitsa – Traditional bulgarian pastry with a bit of a greasy touch, filled with feta cheese, or even cabbage, onion or spinach.

Banitsa / Photo: Flickr: Merle ja Joonas

Karnıyarık – Turkish dish of fried eggplant with onion, minced meat, garlic and tomato.


Tagine – Moroccan cuisine offers more than just couscous. The innumerable dishes are made in a special clay pots which have a conical lid. This is named tagine where process of cooking is super slow and gives the food the special flavour and tenderness. Try chicken tagine for example.

Chicken Tagine

Golubtsy – Russian dish known also in other countries made from a mix of rice and beef, wrapped in a cabbage leaf and served in a sauce. Preparing this dish is complicated but worth it because it’s delicious.


Biryani – Although chicken tandoori and chicken tikka masala are probably the representatives of not only Indian but also British cuisine, Indian cooking can offer way more than that. Absolutely mouth watering is an aromatic dish called biryani, consisting of a combination of spices, rice, marinated meat (mutton or chicken) and several other ingredients.


Sukiyaki – A  Japanese dish made from very thin slices of meat slow cooked with vegetable, tofu and vermicelli (thin rice noodles).

Sukiyaki / Photo: Flickr – cassaendra

Brodet – This is a Croatian fish soup with a variety of seafood from the Adriatic. Polenta is served as a side dish.


Photos: Shutterstock, Flickr – Merle ja Joonascassaendra.

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