Brno in Photographs

In our new series about University cities we are going to link the universities with the visual features of each host city. First in line is Brno - the second largest city in the Czech Republic, and one which truly has the status of a student town. Check out all that you can visit while studying in Brno.

The icons of the Brno city’s ancient churches Petrov and castles Spilberk

Skyline Of Brno With Spilberk Castle On The Hilltop

The Liberty Square in the city centre Brno 

Vegetable Market And Parnas Fountain – Brno

The Liberty Square in the city centre Brno

Brno skyline at dusk

National Theater, Brno

Vila Tugendhat, Brno – UNESCO

The Liberty Square in the city centre Brno

Brno planetarium and observatory

Exhibition Center, Brno

Mendel Museum in Augustinian Abbey of St Thomas, Brno

See also the universities in Brno.


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