Brighten Up Your Life – Make Changes To Your Home

There is no place like home and we all know that even a small room, so long as it is OURS, can be our personal heaven. Home is the best place to rest or tuck ourselves away. There are plenty of good reasons to have it comfortable... At the same time, lets face it – with the prices of properties exploding many of us may have to make compromises. These 11 tricks though, will change any ordinary room into a bright little paradise.

Principle No 1

Before and after

We all know colors work wonders. White walls will brighten up by at least 50%, be it a small room or large. If you have a sizable room you could also play with colors and give the room a personality of its own. An article about colors for interiors was published earlier. 

Principle No. 2

Windows. Unless you’re planning to change the windows and incur the expense you can easily get a dramatic effect if you raise the pelmets to the ceiling.  More affordable, isn´t it? The difference is breathtaking. Goes without mentioning that the windows must be clean to let the sunshine in.

Principle No. 3

One original piece of furniture

As much as one likes colors it’s good to keep in mind the final result and also not go overboard with the furniture. And it’s good to have that one tasteful piece of art with some originality rather than a clutter up the place and make a museum out of it.

Principle No. 4

Say goodbye to heavy curtains and replace them with bright modern and lighter drapes. There’s a great variety available in a range of colors,  sizes and thickness. The curtains must fall gracefully down to the floor.  It’s also a good option to leave them slightly longer that they lie a little on the floor.

Principle No. 5

Lights.  Nothing compares to natural light. But there are options other than just that. The diversity and variety of the lamps you can buy, surely help create an atmosphere. The major lamp must be bright enough and then you can play with a variation of small and big ones in different colors and hues. 

Principle No. 6

Balcony extends the are of apartment

Optical tricks to enlarge the room. For those who are lucky enough to have at least a small balcony, the solution is quite simple – connect the room with the balcony as much as might be possible. During the summer you can leave the doors open and remember to invest some time in decorating the balcony as well.  Garden furniture, plants and awnings help add to the atmosphere. Large and small mirrors help abundantly.

Principle No. 7

Multipurpose room

Divisions. If your room has to have several functions, you will need to work with a different kind of a layout.  Without breaking or building walls, you can use practical tricks on optically dividing the room. Great dividing props are small carpets, partially painted walls with contrasting colors or just a sofa placed in a way that you have some space behind it.

Principle No.8

Now it’s  time for the little personal things. Books, a vase and other such pieces add a personal touch to your dwelling. 

Principle No.9

Flowers. Flowers and plants bring life into the home – large, small, not needing much attention and time or even a nice bouquet in a vase. 

Principle No. 10

Throw away all unnecessary and dust collecting items.  One golden rule: If you don´t wear or use something for one year, chances are you will never use it.  So sell those things, donate or just visit the nearest disposal bin.  It’s so refreshing to be rid of all that unwanted hodge podge. 

And finally

Principle No. 11

Once you redo your new or old home, it is important to keep it clean, clutter-free and tidy.  Good for the eyes, good for the soul.

Photos: Shutterstock, photo before and after: Martina Advaney

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