Breakfasts Around The World

Let´s start with English Breakfast.

In South India, one of the common early meals is Masala Dosa –  A large mouth watering pankcake made from a combination of rice and lentil flour filled with a potatoe mix and accommmpanied by chutneys.

Australians often reach for an English breakfast, but very popular and almost a national thing is their famous Vegemite. Black strong smelling yeast spread which you will either love or hate, nothing in between 🙂

Italian´s make do with sweet pastries  along with their necessary strong coffee.

The Japanese Breakfast is faithful to the typical character of the healthy and high protein Japanese cuisine. It’s not unusual to eat strong miso soup, pickled vegetables, fish or a Japanese omelet.

Breakfast in Turkey is rather large and diverse, including cheese, butter and bread, eggs, vegetables, olives, sausages and more.

The Mexicans‘ first meal, truly is hearty and must surely last until long after lunchtime. Chulaquiles (fried corn tortillas with salsa poured over it, chicken, cream, red onions and avocado) and eggs.


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