Brazilian Youth and the UN’s Agenda on Development

Representatives of the Brazilian youth want more say in the process of implementation and updating of the UN project known as the “Millennium Declaration”. Development goals mentioned in the declaration served as a landmark of world development since year 2000, when the declaration was created.

Emphasis on further progress in achieving the goals remains; however, it is time to step up the efforts to advance the program of development after 2015.

In Brasilia, during the “Arena of Social Participation”, an event promoted by the General Secretariat of the Presidency, a panel named “Dialogue on the Post-2015 Agenda: Construction of Sustainable Development Goals” took place.

As the only representative of the Brazilian youth, Debora Souza argued that young people must have greater visibility and stronger presence in the process that is revisiting the “Millennium Declaration”.

Souza contextualized the historical role of youth organizations in Brazil regarding the agenda. 20 000 votes on the UN’s online platform about priorities in education quality, nature conservation and quality of health were cast by young people.

The event, “Arena of Social Participation”, aimed to update the participants on the process of negotiations and reaffirm the Brazilian government’s commitment to establish a permanent dialogue with the civil society on the issue of sustainable development.

The realization of the event is the aftermath of the “Rio+20” conference. “Rio+20” is a UN Conference on Sustainable Development that took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 and featured world leaders and thousands of participants from governments and NGOs coming together to share ideas on poverty reduction, advancement of social equity and environmental protection.

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