Boustany Foundation – Cambridge University MBA Scholarship


The foundation is based in Switzerland and Monaco offers several scholarships each year. These are actually two bodies and are said to represent many nationalities and backgrounds.

Young student studying in library
Opportunity to study at Cambridge University

Boustany Foundation.

As for Cambridge University, we all know about it and the university is ranked between number 2 to number 6 in the world by different organizations. Cambridge itself is a picturesque city on the banks of the river Cam and apart from the university itself the city is known for the Gothic chapel and the museums that fall under the umbrella of the university.

At present the Boustany Foundation is taking applications for the MBA course at Cambridge University.


The successful candidate shall be paid UK Pounds 23,000 towards tuition plus travel and accommodation expenses relating to the internship which is written about below.


The successful scholars shall be expected to complete a two month unpaid internship at the foundation.

For more information please log on to the website.

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