Black Comedy Why Women Kill Back For Second Season

We have confirmation. The highly-anticipated second season of Why Women Kill is back with more thrills and spills, but this time the plot has its contradictions.

For those who have yet to watch Why Women Kill, it is a stylish and aesthetic watch with contrasts of dark and light episodes. 

The second season, like the first, was created by Marc Cherry, known for his triumph after Desperate Housewives

Back to the plot of the first part, three women in different passages of their lives withstood hard times that pushed them to kill. 

Simone Grove (Lucy Liu), a secular lioness, in a heartbreaking scenario, who killed her husband through a lethal injection. 

Beth Ann Stanton (Ginnifer Goodwin) suspected her husband of cheating her. Making a friendship with the mistress of her spouse, April (Sadie Calvano), she tended to back the feeling to the husband. 

Instead, the intrigues of the tended relationships revealed another plot of the storyline. So, she found another woman in a toxic marriage, whose terrific husband drowned her in sadism. 

Beth Ann persuaded this new friend to kill their husbands by conspiracy. 

In the third main storyline, Taylor Harding (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) fought for the safety of her family. 

She killed because of her life-threatening condition. All of this is well-decorated with a bright picture, stylish outfits of the main characters, humour and intrigue, which lasts until the finale.


Stories To Continue?

In the first season, in addition to some privacy itself, which led with interest to the very end, you could enjoy the interior, style and beauty of the people in it. 

In the second season yet, the ambience has shifted completely to the fact that murders took place at the beginning and the plot is centred around it. 

This is one of the biggest differences between the first and second seasons. 

Now it is appropriate to tell the story with a fresh beginning of the second part of the series. 

So, the authors left for us all the same three plots of women – a rich lioness, a housewife, a young daughter of a housewife, who is slowly wedged in as the third storyline. 

Rita Castillo (Lana Parillа), the wife of an elderly and capricious rich man, who’s still living to his old age and has not died yet as Rita wished. So, as TV shows  she is planning a murder.

Housewife, Alma Filcott (Alison Tolman), revealed the secret of her husband – a veterinarian. A neighbour of the couple died in the process of their quarrel. Bloody death, she stumbled by the garden scissors. 

So if earlier Alma was against her husband, since the murder they both were planning how to divert possible suspicion from its accident. 


Changes Made

You can see that the picture has changed significantly. But this is also explained by a general idea. 

The fact is that the second season took a different course with the ambience of the story, with all the pros and cons of life on both sides – rich, famous and ordinary. 

Rather, it is not about money and fame, but about character and temper, self-esteem and self-perception. 

So the picture is divided in the same way. Alma’s life is grey. For Rita, it is full of shiny dresses, flirts on the side, luxury cars. 

But everything changes when Alma finds a box of jewellery with her husband’s victims, and Rita’s daughter comes to the manor to look after her ill father. 

She’s an evil and hardened woman who is not going to give up on this fight.

The first season fascinated me with the development of the plot from mystery to unexpected discoveries. 

In the second, everything goes from the expression to what? Greater plot dynamics? More murders? Alma’s membership in a higher caste? And Rita would be left with nothing? 

These are possible versions of the story. But remembering the first part, the taste of adventure grows – everything should be at least exciting.

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