Bizarre Fashion Trends We Called ‘Stylish’ in the Early 2000s

Do you remember what we wore in 2002? Would you actually want to get that trend back and look the same? Here are some of the bizarre fashion trends from the 2000s.

I mean was it completely our fault that what was trendy then is now frowned upon? Its not like we made fashion! Anne Hathaway did, Beyoncé did, Sandra Bullock and Kate Hudson were guilty too, and so many other celebrity women that guided our lifestyle throughout fashion in those blissful years. 

Here are my top ten picks of bizarre fashion trends we pursued in 2000s.


Double Trouble

Jeans under dresses. What on earth?

Hatha-no-way: Anne Hathaway was just one rocking this ‘iconic’ look. 








Hair Raising

Skinny eyebrows or even invisible ones were a hit.

tumblr 3e422b52a5731e03432bcbe59665aaff 1011a541 1280
The Thin Line: You could say this style is ‘brow beaten’










In Sync?

The glorious Chin Patch hair ladies at nd gentleman. All hail to NSync.

shutterstock 187222859
Bye Bye Bye: Fortunately, this style has left the stage.



The short, ‘Karen’ hair.

kate gosselinth
Kate Gosselinth probably has a new hairstyle now.










All Rise

Low Rise Jeans. I know we’re all grateful we got them out of our sight.

paris hilton 2
Paris Hilton Rocking Low Rise Jeans








Back To NSync

Glossy & large space suits. Again, thank you NSync.

Outer Space: These outfits have been sent into orbit, probably










The Mop

Zac Efron hair. Yes, I had a crush on him at the time. No, I’m not proud!

shutterstock 479944840
We’re Flying: The High School Musical Actor was just one to rock this hairstyle











At The Double

Two toned hair dye to combine your pop/emo look.

Is this style making a comeback?











Which style would you add to this list? Let us know on social media or below on this article.

Photos: Shutterstock and various outlets. No copyright is intended throughout this article.

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