Biting-Cold Accommodation – A Trendy Experience In An Ice Hotel

What would be the night temperature in your home? Between 17 - 19 ° C is considered suitable for a good night‘s sleep. Only two degrees below that – at 15 ° C – the temperature gets very uncomfortable for most people, the usual result being a cold nose and eventually a headache from the cold. Now, reducing that by another 20 ° C will take you to night temperatures in one of the most unusual hospitality concepts you can imagine. And there some incredible websites to visit to learn more about it. Discover ice hotels this winter, and hurry up since the season last only four months each year.

Ice hotels are constructed new every year and disappear with the spring. Ice hotels are a feature of cold places: Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland), and also Iceland, Canada, and Alaska. 

Ice Hotel Sweden

As mentioned above, the night temperatures inside a room in an ice hotel can fall as low as -5° C  while the outside can be significantly colder, -25° C. 

Exterior of Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, Dec 2016

The guests are usually trained to know what to wear and how to maintain their body heat at safe levels. 

Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, Dec 2016

All survivors will receive a hearty breakfast and will warm up their frozen bones in a well-earned sauna. Ice hotels are a unique adventure in the field of hospitality, and an experience which you won’t forget soon. 

Ice Hotel

Now the next step is to choose the desired location and, importantly enough, book before it‘s too late.

Finland – Ice hotel

Iceland – Ice hotel

Ice hotel in Quebec,Canada, Jan 2016

Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada, Jan 2016

Ice hotel in Balea Lake, Romania, Jan 2017

Photos: Shutterstock

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