Big News For eLearners: LinkedIn Has Joined The Online Education Market


LinkedIn launched own platform for online education LinkedIn Learning. The platform currently offers 9000 expert-led, online courses and video tutorials built on top of content from online learning portal, which belongs to LinkedIn. The courses cover everything from coding and programming to writing and accounting. Young people from all over the world can try it for free for one month trial.

Individuals can select and sign up for classes on their own, employers and HR managers can also recommend courses and then track their employees’ progress through LinkedIn’s analytics. For now, LinkedIn Premium subscribers can get 25 new courses every week, but there’s also a forthcoming enterprise tier that will allow larger corporations to recommend courses for their entire workforce.

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner pointed out that education has become “one of LinkedIn most important priorities.” He mentioned that the World Economic Forum expects 5 million jobs to be displaced by the introduction of new technologies, and that 78% of CFOs surveyed believe that up to 25% of their workforces could be displaced by 2020. In other words, LinkedIn sees education as a business opportunity, with “just in time” experience training from LinkedIn as a key way of meeting that demand.

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