Hiking to the Grand Canyon


Did you know that you can travel the world without crossing the borders of the Czech Republic? Check out these places of outstanding natural beauty.

Big America, Little America, Mexico, Czech Switzerland are all places you can get to by bus or train from Prague or any other Czech city. A little tip when traveling by train and buses that go outside the city, you can get a discount on your ticket by showing a valid open card or other transportation card – this way the price for travel within the Prague zones is deducted from the total price.

Big America is also known as the Czech Grand Canyon and it takes about an hour to get there by bus from Prague’s station Zlicin. Bus 311 goes every half an hour from bus stop #9 and the stop you want to get off at is Morina. The bus only costs 24 CZK and during the summer it is possible to take it all the way to the canyon! During off-seasons you have to walk for about 10 – 15 minutes through beautiful fields. It is actually illegal to go down into the canyon, not to mention dangerous. The main viewing area has candles lit for those who have died climbing down. Sometimes the police can give you a fine if you go beyond the designated viewing area, but despite all of the restrictions it’s an extremely popular spot. In the summer people go and swim and there are even rumors of people camping there!

Little America is a bit of a disappointment after Big America, mainly because there is no way to climb down and the view is slightly obscured by trees but it is another canyon. You can get there by following the yellow trail that takes you through the forest to Karlstejn. The 6 km hike only takes about 45 minutes as it is all downhill. Mexico, similarly to Little America, is a canyon near Big America.

Czech Switzerland is much further than the canyons. It’s North of Prague, almost at the border with Germany. You may need to change trains on your way there or you can take a bus. The trip can take you anywhere between 2 to 3.5 hours. Czech Switzerland, also known as Bohemian Switzerland is a National Park full of dazzling rock formations. It is a great place to go for a hike and get lost mushroom picking in the woods (in the right seasons).


These four places names after countries and continents are just a few of the amazing places to see in the Czech Republic. So next time you are planning a trip and don’t know where to go, you don’t necessarily need to buy a plane ticket and fly off – there is so much to see in this seemingly small beautiful country.

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