Start Your Day with a Little Exercise: Here Are Best Apps That Will Help Over

If yoga was on your New Year resolutions list then you are one of many that hope for a new start, more energy and lots of inner peace during 2015.

Now when there is an app for almost everything, here are the best apps that can get you excited about starting your day with a little exercise. The good thing about those apps is that can satisfy a beginner’s curiosity as well as a devoted practitioner’s high standards.

 If you work on the clock and you have a tight schedule, this is the app for you. 5 Minute Yoga is available free on IOS and it alerts you when your next 5-minute yoga break is due. It will show you five poses you need to do within a minute each. You can also pick your own playlist so you can get as much relaxation out of those five minutes as you can.

Another good suggestion is Simply Yoga. It is also free and is available for IOS and for Android. You can chose between a 20-, 40- and 60-minute level 1 practices. This one offers only one playlist – soothing ocean sounds but it also has an option that can alert you whenever it’s time for exercises. 

If you are a beginner at yoga then it might seem a little fast paced at first, but more experienced people might enjoy more the fast practices, that are mostly sun salutations.

Daily Yoga is also available on iOS and Android and is also free. This app offers you a dozen workouts, that can take up either 15-20 minutes or 30 minutes. This one is more suitable for beginners as it offers voice-over instructions and the poses are demonstrated carefully on video. The app also has six playlist options for you daily you routine.

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