Best Travelers on Instagram


In this article we listed 10 Instagram accounts that will inspire you to pack your camera and go far away!


Liz Carlson is an American living in New Zealand, immensely curious about the world, a storyteller and an adventuress.  Her photos tell the stories of her hikes, flights, and swims all around the world.  On her Instagram profile and website, young, you will see the most beautiful beaches and mountains, and explore some active-adrenalin-pumping sights.


Do you love landscapes & adventures around the world? Then visit Matthew Karsten Instagram! He is an adventure travel blogger and photographer who is willing to share our fascinating world with you.


Yvonne’s simple, faded shots from her journeys will bring you to pristine beaches around Southeast Asia and through the streets of Germany.


You’ll never get bored browsing JD Andrews’s images of landscapes and animals as he explores the planet. So far he has visited 93 countries, 7 continents and created award-winning videos, photographs and social media campaigns. He does everything with a motto: love what u do & do what u <3.


The ultimate mixture of style and travel. If you are curious to see some extravagant getaways, but also some less-known places and stunning nature, Jessica Stein’s profile is the right place for you.


Probably one of the best-known travel photographers in the world, Murad Osmann is famous for his incredibly inspiring photo series called #FollowMeTo, which features photos of his girlfriend leading him by the hand through all of their travels – from the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower and everywhere in-between.


Katie McKnoulty’s profile offers free travel guides to the most-visited cities in the world – from Paris to Berlin to Melbourne and more.


Follow Chris if you are curious to see adventurous snaps that range from kayaking to skiing and surfing as well as plenty of picturesque mountains.


For all of those who want to explore the beauty of the Balkan Peninsula, some alternative getaways, energetic nightlife, and all the delicious meals, this girl has a lot to show you.

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