Best Tools to Make Eye-catching Presentations

The importance of presentations during our studies or work really deserves attention. How many times you had been in presentations you had difficulties to concentrate? Thus, you have to avoid this when you are presenting in order to achieve a desirable result. Nowadays, definitely the best way to have a good presentation is to benefit from programs and online platforms that are offered for us through technology. So, do you want more creative ideas, colors or backgrounds that will facilitate your job and make you feel more comfortable? Let us give it a try to improve the way you do and share presentations.

The most well known Prezi

There was a time when PowerPoint was exciting in the early days of its launch, but increasing of inventions made it less wanted. Prezi helped us to prevent from falling asleep during presentations. Actually, Prezi presentation software is used by over 50 million people and 80% of fortune companies. Actual users of Prezi are fascinated by it. Users cannot stop talking and describing Prezi, its options and manners to use this tool. I have chosen three alternatives which best present what you can do by using it


Free PowerPoint Templates at SlideHunter

On SlideHunter you can find lot of free PowerPoint presentation examples, presentation tutorials and free PowerPoint backgrounds to use in your presentations. The site was created to provide free services so you can download any of our slide designs for Microsoft PowerPoint and decorate your presentations.



With PowToon you can make part of your presentations; animated characters, library styles, awesome templates, and special effects. Your final product will look so professional and creative; I’m sure that your audience will think a professional designer created it. You are required to simply drag and drop elements and characters and then t magic happen. PowToon is preferred for students and educators, even designers who wish to present creative sides without having to fuss for unnecessary things. See example of a presentation created with PowToon.


Haiku Deck

Are you one of those people who love to take their iPad everywhere? Haiku Deck is an easy, free app download that allows you to create great presentations in minute. Images can be accessed from your own photo albums or through internet search- all from the same menu. See video guide here.



RawShorts is a winner in the video presentation category. Therefore, you can check it and try to do some tricks with it. You can create any kind of videos that you desire. These kinds of videos are important for websites, blogs, YouTube channels and kinds of demos. Every business should have an awesome animated explainer. But sometimes it costs a lot; RawShorts gives you the chance to do it simply by yourself. Check out a video made by this special option of Prezi.

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SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications. It is designed to help you make greater presentations and engage your audience. But, most importantly deliver tangible results. SlideRocket is an online presentation platform that lets users create, manage, share and measure presentations. Wherever you are SlideRocket is right there with you, because you can use it even if you are offline. Combine themes, shapes, charts, tables, pictures, videos. Presentations hold some of your most important data and you need to be secured. SlideRocket protects your presentations and ensures you have complete control over how they are accessed. From my experience the most precious thing is that you can measure presentation effectiveness. You have the possibility to check who viewed it and what they did as a result. So, after you share a presentation online you do not have to wonder what happened; now you know. Watch demo video presenting SlideRock to you.



Looking for a cool way to make your presentations more attractive? Visme is the answer. Why using Visme over other tools? Also known as the ‘’Swiss Knife of Visual Content’’ that means that by using one single tool you can create presentations, info graphics, graphs and charts. Its possibilities are endless. Visme is one awesome tool to help you visualize your ideas so you can wow your audience. Users of Visme are no limited; this program is used by teachers, students, bloggers, and businessman. If you are not good like designer or do not have the luxury spending money, or time to try to understand how to use a specific program. Visme is the solution for this. Thus, you do not have to be designer or really good in using technology; you have Visme such a flexible tool. There are approximately 10 other apps that have tried to solve this challenge but most of all are too expensive or too difficult to use. Its mission is to simplify the ability for everyone to easily translate their thoughts and ideas into presentation that will catch eye. Check a short tutorial about how to create presentation and also what you can find to Visme.


Google slides

Google slides cannot be avoided when it comes to this issue. Mostly because all we need from time to time is one practical and common way to present. All you need in order to be able to use Google slides for presetting is Google account ( Google slides is a part of Google documents which allows you to create, share and present multimedia presentation. Google Docs does automatically save your presentation any time you make changes. Except texts you can also insert imagines, items, videos from YouTube, lines and shapes. I think one of the best things you can do by using Google slides is inviting friends or target groups to view your presentations by entering their emails. This is still one of the best opportunities to create and edit presentations online for free.

Probably you will be surprised, but there are more than 25 years since PowerPoint was first launched. Considering this I would say that there is only one manner to be sure you are doing right with your presentations. Which is to stay updated. Try to not be slave of only one program, in this way you can improve your actual skills and develop new ones.

But, what is it asked for you to do during the presentation? We will try to show few steps very shortly and practically for how to be good and comfortable during public speaking.

We all have some level of weaknesses in public speeches, thus first do not take it personal. Firstly, talk simply and be neat. Do not make your speech exaggerated. Be interactive; do not let your audience staring at you all the time. They are main part of your speech. Be flexible! If something unexpected happens just go with it. Something very crucial here is to know your audience, so be well informed in front of who you are presenting and make sure your presentation will contain valid information and come to a good and also short conclusion.

Wishing you a very good luck at your future presentations, and do not forget to learn from your previous experiences.

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