Best Summer Jobs: The Inspirational Story Of A Teenaged Bank Teller Austin Raebel


This week‘s summer job idea is a rather rare position, though very inspiring simply because it is not just one of those typical jobs, and it surely has exceptional features to recommend it. For one thing, going out on a limb is one way to find out your talents. If you have guts, and you are willing to take risks and leave your comfort zone, you have taken one step in the direction of success already. Read here the story of a teenaged bank teller at the Ideal Credit Union in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Bank Teller

Austin is a college student at Minnesota State University. For the last four years he has worked at the Ideal Credit Union Bank as a Teller and financial educator as his summer job. He is passionate about his job, and his aspirations obviously tend towards the financial sector, Chief Financial Officer in particular.

And how did Austin Raebel come to his job? He took an interest in the school-based branch of the bank, especially the financial products offered to students.

Bank Teller

Since then he has been worked with the Ideal Credit Union Bank every summer, earning $14 to $18 an hour, depending on the department. His customers are all ages. He still feels it is kind of cool in his teens to be able to engage with much older customers. Importantly he enjoys his work, the number of different people he meets, and the services he has been providing them.

You can read some of his blog tips here

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