7 Most Innovative Startups in Austria

This article is the first of a new category of star-ups in our online magazine, each week we will have a new article focused in another country, so all of you who are keen to know about the start-up environment and trends in different countries around the world, we suggest you to follow us and get informed weekly.


1. Johammer

Futuristic electric cruiser with innovative energy technology. First series motorcycle with a range of 200 km, developed and manufactured in Austria. The shortest route between two points is a straight line. Simply planting an electric motor into a conventional motorcycle concept wouldn’t have cut the mustard. That’s why in many areas, Johammer has chosen a completely new route.

2. Anyline

Anyline is a Software Development Kit, short SDK. With the patented software component you can read data from unconnected devices easily, accurately, and in an automated way.


The data are gathered visually and transmitted in real-time to your device (iPhone, Android, Google Glass, whatever).  It does not only save time, resources, and nerves but also reduces the number of misreadings.

3. E-Motion your bike with add-e, Small but great.

Add-e is a retrofittable E-drive for your bike. Within a short time, it is possible to disarm their own bike with add-e up and, more driving fun. Visible only to the 2nd look, add-e allows agile driving, just as one would expect from his bike. Hills and slopes are no longer a barrier and the goal is reached much faster. If the battery should be empty at some point you can just go on as usual.

4. Bitmovin

Bitmovin enables high quality streaming over the web, guaranteeing smooth streaming without buffering, lowest startup delay, and achieving HD, 4K, and beyond.
Bitmovin GmbH provides industry-leading online streaming (OTT) solutions, enabling the best-quality media experience for the user. Their main expertise is technology related to cutting-edge standards and multimedia technologies,which is the basis for our highly flexible cloud-based transcoding-/streaming-as-service platform bitcodin for live and ondemand content, as well as our high-quality bitdash MPEG-DASH players.


It is a platform for the finest contemporary African and Africa-inspired products. There are several designers and artists on the African continent whose works display great prudence, courage and vitality. DUBARUBA is a celebration of this vast and diverse universe of African designers, artists, and brands. It pays tribute to the creativity of young talented designers and artists, most of whom are undiscovered by the world at large.


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