Best Scholarships For This Week

As usual, we are back with some of the best scholarships from around the world. The origin of the word goes back to ancient Greece. The word ‘Scholastes’ originally meant someone who lives at ease. It was only in the 16th century that the word ‘Scholarship’ came to be used as a ‘source of funding for someone who wishes to study’.

Heinrich Boll Scholarships For International Students

The foundations integral beliefs are democracy, harmony, unity, nonviolence and ecology. The scholarships are offered for studying in Germany to those who come from outside the country. The program is for those wishing to do their master’s degree and above. Good to excellent knowledge of the German language is mandatory.
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African Guest Researchers’ Scholarship Program

As the name suggests the program is for those who are citizens of African countries. This is a fully funded scholarship. The aim being to aid create relationships between the Nordic countries and Africa. The scholarship is for those pursuing their postdoctoral research in Africa.
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Bangor University Dean’s Scholarships For International Students

This is a reputed university in Wales, U.K. that otherwise charges a fees upwards of 13,000 pounds. The amount being offered towards scholarships is 4,000 pounds for year 1 and 2,000 pounds for years 2 and 3. For those wishing to pursue a postgraduate degree the the amount is 5,000 pounds and for research and PhD the amount is 2,000 pounds per year for year 2 and 3.
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Global Korea Scholarship

Sponsored by the government of South Korea, this fully funded scholarship is for international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. One of the essential requirements is the commitment to study Korean language for one year or already have a good knowledge of Korean. The amounts offered are pretty good and there is also an additional award for those who achieve proficiency at the Korean language and a one time grant after you complete your studies.
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