Best Places in The World to Learn How to Surf

Learning to surf is a great way of keeping fit and seeing new places at the same time. If you always wanted to learn how to surf, keep on reading.

Summer is a great time to pick a new hobby or try out a new activity that you have always wanted to but never found the time to do. One of the most fun water activities that are perfect for the summer holidays is learning how to surf. Here are the best surfing places around the world for beginners. From Costa Rica to Australia here are the best surfing places around the world for beginners.


Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is known as a laid-back tropical paradise with the most beautiful surfing spots in the world. If you want to experience the Pura Vida lifestyle by spending days learning how to surf in a laid-back way, then Costa Rica is a perfect destination for you. In Costa Rica, you can enjoy year-round waves and warm water. Plus, the destination is popular among travelers looking for more sustainable eco-adventures since Costa Rica is named the world’s most sustainable travel destination.

Surfing in Costa Rica is incredible because there are waves suitable for all levels of surfers. This is why surfing is an important part of the Costa Rican lifestyle. Here you can most likely see locals that go surfing after school or work. Since it is a well-known surfing destination you can find a variety of locations around the country that are suitable for different levels of surfers. Among off-the-beaten-track locations is Nosara, where you can spend a few weeks surrounded by jungle and among locals. Most importantly, the beaches around Nosara are ideal for first-time learners, particularly Playa Nosara.


Bali, Indonesia

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Bali is well associated with beautiful nature and spirited surf culture. It is a perfect destination for those wanting to learn how to surf in an easy and affordable way since Indonesia is known for its cheap prices. If you want to experience a bit more than just surfing, you can combine surf lessons with various day trips that will allow you to explore Bali’s natural hidden gems and the most popular attractions.

You can find surf spots all over the island with epic waves fitting for all skill levels, including the very beginners. Because of the quality of waves, thousands of professional and amateur surfers come to Bali to experience these amazing waves and experience the unique culture of Bali. Best of all, surfing season in Bali never really ends. The peak surf season is considered during the dry months, from May through September. This is one of the best times to come surfing because the waves are bigger, however, instructors will find a perfect spot suitable for any level of surfer no matter the size of the waves.



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If you rather learn to swim in the European waters, then there is no better choice than Portugal. The country is home to some of the best surf spots in all of Europe, including beginner-friendly whitewater and waves suitable for all levels of surfers. The best time to go surfing for beginners in Portugal is during summer, between May and September. During this time the swells are less frequent and the waves are smaller. However, because of the high season and perfect weather, most popular surfing spots get crowded during July and August months, so keep that in mind when planning your trip. The most famous and best part of the country is the Algarve coastline which offers stunning beaches, a number of surf schools, and a great variety of waves all within a 30-minute drive along the stretch of the Lagos shore.

Half an hour up the coast from Lisbon you’ll find Ericeira, a fishing village that is known for being an international surfing mecca. This is another area where you’ll find the best beaches for beginner surfers. The village is surrounded by beautiful nature and the coastline is made up of 8 kilometers long sandy beaches. Although the village has become increasingly popular among surfers from all over the world, it has not ruined the authentic Portuguese feeling that the location offers. Here you can experience Portuguese surfing culture as you wander the streets with a cup of coffee in hand after your morning surf.


Cornwall, UK

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If you want to learn how to surf and you live in the United Kingdom, then there is no better place than Cornwall. It might not have the same atmosphere and feeling as Hawaii or Australia, but you will still get to experience that laid-back, spiritual experience of surfing. Cornwall is considered a historical home of surfing in the UK and the waves are rather stable during the whole year, making it one of the best spots for beginners.

Don’t be surprised if you spot a dolphin while you surf in the Cornish waters, they are a rather usual sight in this area. The whole coast is known for its beautiful landscape that leaves a great impression on any traveler. If you do decide to make Cornwall the starting point in your surfing journey, you won’t have trouble finding the right surfing school for you because the area is full of them.


Wollongong, Australia

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If there is one place where surfing feels like a bucket list item, it is Australia. Here learning to surf is definitely one of those experiences you will want to cherish forever and tell all your friends about. Australia is famous for incredible beaches and even more incredible waves that even the most experienced surfers enjoy.

One of the best options for surfers-beginners is to learn to surf at Thirroul Beach in Wollongong. Situated only an hour away from Sydney Airport, Wollongong has a number of beginner’s camps, a variety of well-established surf schools, and a vibrant surfing community that is very inviting and friendly to all beginners.


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