See World’s Best Photos Taken With Cell Phones

A lot of people complain that if they would have a fancy camera, they would shot the best photos ever. But this isn't an excuse, nowadays a lot of us owns at least one smartphone. Considering this, all what you actually need to make best capture ever is patience and desire. In this article we have collected 20 best photos taken with cell phones that were part of the "Sony World Photography Award" in the category of Mobile Phone. Check them, and who knows maybe you will be inspired to give a try.

First Place: Turi Calafato, Italy 

Second Place: Janos M Schmidt, Hungary
Third Place: Ako Salemi, Iran 

Short List: Hamed Nazari, Iran 

Short List: Hamed Nazari, Iran

Short List: Nuno Perestrelo, Portugal
Short List: Craig Atkinson, U.K.

Short List: Luca Laghetti, Italy
Short List: Emanuel Faria, Portugal 
Short List: Carla Vermeend, Netherland

Short List: Janos Schmidt, Hungary
Short List: Misha Vallejo, Ecuador

Short List: Monica Coteriano, Portugal

Short List: Atle Rønningen, Norway

Short List: Gerard Trang, France

Short List: Helen Whelton, U.K.

Short List: Henny Gylfa, Iceland

Short List: Misha Vallejo, Ecuador

Short List: Olga Nazarova, Russia 

Short List: Ryszard Kazmierczak, Poland

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