See World’s Best Photos Taken With Cell Phones

First Place: Turi Calafato, Italy 

Second Place: Janos M Schmidt, Hungary
Third Place: Ako Salemi, Iran 

Short List: Hamed Nazari, Iran 

Short List: Hamed Nazari, Iran

Short List: Nuno Perestrelo, Portugal
Short List: Craig Atkinson, U.K.

Short List: Luca Laghetti, Italy
Short List: Emanuel Faria, Portugal 
Short List: Carla Vermeend, Netherland

Short List: Janos Schmidt, Hungary
Short List: Misha Vallejo, Ecuador

Short List: Monica Coteriano, Portugal

Short List: Atle Rønningen, Norway

Short List: Gerard Trang, France

Short List: Helen Whelton, U.K.

Short List: Henny Gylfa, Iceland

Short List: Misha Vallejo, Ecuador

Short List: Olga Nazarova, Russia 

Short List: Ryszard Kazmierczak, Poland

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