Best Movies Of Twenties


With the summer holidays beginning, we again offer our readers a summer movie series. While last year you had an opportunity to learn languages with our weekly movie picks (to name a few Mexican, Russian or French), this year we will offer a trip into history. And we start with films from the 1920s.


A futuristic vision of the world in 2027, with a great contrast between the social levels. A conflict between poor workers and the rich is developing. And against this disturbing background, a son of the city’s ruling elite falls in love with a girl from the working class. A timeless film that, even without words, holds our interest as it delineates its plot.

The Kid 

Charlie Chaplin was already known thanks to an earlier short comedy. The silent film The Kid was a breakthrough for Chaplin in both theme and format. The comedic piece of the movie is balanced by the melancholy story of a tramp who takes care of a little orphan.

An Andalusian Dog 

An experimental short movie with elements of surrealism realised through the cooperation of Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali.

Safety Last! 

Today, when cinematography has reached a point of perfection, leaving nothing to chance, a silent comedy turns on one moment when a man who is climbing a multi-storied building could feel that nothing is enough. The technical mastery and acting skill of Harold Lloyd became legendary and can very easily satisfy even today’s viewers. Sit back and allow this film to take you into its simple beauties.

Sunrise: a Song of Two Humans 

While watching films from the silent era of cinema, it may occur to you that you can easily miss important elements while watching movies with sound. As unbelievable as it might seem, the lack of dialogue helps viewers to get more out of the actors‘ facial expressions. And a simple story of a love triangle will prove it.

Photo: IMDB

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