Best Movies Of The Last Decade

Approximately every ten years, it seems the movie industry produces a new wave of films with characteristics that speak to the audiences of that time and place and are clearly distinguished from the films of any other period.  The last ten years brought many successful films, some of which have already became cult movies.  For this weekend we would like to offer (maybe also remind) you of five of the outstanding ones, across the genres.

Django Unchained (2012)

After a great success with Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, which due to its length had to be divided into two parts, and the phenomenal Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino returned with his first western movie. Set in the time before the Civil War – the main hero is the slave Django, who gets an opportunity to escape from slavery and save the wife from whom he has been separated.  Typical of all of Tarantino’s movies, Django Unchained makes an impact with fast scene changes and an incredible quantity of blood.

Cloud Atlas (2012)

A remarkable story based on the novel by David Mitchell. Six dissimilar stories capture the interconnection of human beings across time and distance, with a direct link to causes and consequences. A visually rich, narrative film.

Home (2009)

A poetically directed documentary impressively presented from a bird’s-eye view, dealing with the planet Earth, its harmony and beauty, while stating its current problematics. An attractively educational film that is worth more than just considering.

Wonder (2017)

The inspiring story of a boy whose life has been affected by a facial birth defect. An unusual story of an individual who, rather than suffering from not being able to fit within the usual categories, chooses another way.

Volhynia (2016)

An historical movie set in a Polish town called Volhynia during the Second World War. A forbidden love story against the background of treacherous events as Ukrainian nationalists slaughter their Polish neighbors.

Photo: IMDB

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