Best Movies About Earth


For this weekend we have films for you, some of them just awesome and others thought provoking. These are films one can repeat watching every once in while. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

La Belle Verte – The Green Beautiful

The way we earthlings are going, this 1996 film was significant then and is probably even more relevant today. Packed with major stars including Marion Cotillard, the film has its funny moments and stirs up the thought process given the way our world is overflowing with many things undesirable including pollution and materialism.

Blue Planet I.

The series took about 5 years to make and involved more than 200 film locations. This awesome documentary film about marine life is made by the famous David Attenborough who was declared a national treasure by the British. Absolutely worth watching.

Blue Planet II. 

While Blue Planet I was released in 2001 the second part of the series Blue Planet II was released in 2017. This series made by BBC was quickly made available through most of the major TV channels across the world. The music is composed by the famous Hans Zimmer and the narration is by Sir David Attenborough himself. Apart from its great entertainment value the series has contributed considerably towards creating awareness of plastic pollution in the seas. A must watch.

Planet Earth I. 

Also narrated by David Attenborough, the famous naturalist, this is another series made by BBC to great success, Planet Earth I made in 2006 takes you right across disparate parts of the earth and life on this earth. The documentary won several prestigious awards and acclaim.

Planet Earth II. 

10 years later came Planet Earth II. Equally spellbinding in all that the makers have captured on film. Deserved all the accolades it received.

Photo: IMDB

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