Top 5 Cafes in Berlin for Studying and Working

Sankt Oberholz

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This café is Berlin’s most famous creative-crowd-meeting point and is always packed with MacBooks. Located on the busy corner of Rosenthaler and Torstrasse, the two-story space acts like a giant living room for the city’s “digital bohemians.”


Located just around the corner from the tourist hotspot Checkpoint Charlie, this café is laptop-friendly and has separate areas for working and reading. Apart from tasty snacks and great coffee, the place offers a wide selection of books and magazines.

Betahaus Café

As it states on the café’s website, this spot is a “co-working space for individuals who want to choose and share their ideas of work.” The interior of the café does everything to help achieve such goal – comfortable desks, free Wi-Fi and projectors are all available.


Located in one of Berlin’s most interesting neighborhoods for young people – Kreuzberg, this café was one of the first to start offering free Wi-Fi. Although the service is rather slow and uninterested, the spot still remains popular among students and workers.


This spot has everything a neighborhood café needs, plus a laundry room. Having coffee and working on a few tasks while waiting for your laundry becomes possible at this café. Free Wi-Fi and great coffee are essential.


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