Best Buddies Movies


Obvious or unexpected friendships are the common ground for this week’s movie picks – all highly-rated movies with exceptional casting that will guarantee you a great viewing experience.

Midnight Run 

Formerly a cop, now a bounty hunter, Jack Walsh is tasked with bringing in Jonathan Mardukas – a former accountant for a mafia don called Jim Serrano who stole fifteen million dollars from him and donated it to charity. What looked like an easy job takes an unexpected turn.

Thelma & Louise 

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis in a classic road movie about two bored friends who escape the daily humdrum by taking a weekend trip, and then the situation takes an unexpected turn.

Girl, Interrupted 

Finding a best friend in a mental institution wouldn’t sound very likely, and yet.  In the ‘60s of the last century, Susan (Winona Ryder) is seventeen years old, and her parents have just sent her to a mental asylum. In this utterly improbable place, not only does she cross paths with Lisa (Angelina Jolie) and other girls, but thanks to them she finally finds the ground beneath her feet.

Fried Green Tomatoes 

What would you do for your best friend? Fried Green Tomatoes is a very charming retrospective movie about two inseparable friends who held one dark secret.

Photo: IMDB

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