Best Bits From Day Four of ‘Is Corporate Responsibility Key To Sustainability?’ Event

The final day of Youth Time International Movement's 'Is Corporate Responsibility Key To Sustainability?'. Here are all the details.

After 12 sessions over four days of insightful talks, Youth Time International Movement rounded off their ‘Is Corporate Responsibility Key To Sustainability?’  with webinars from ThinkYoung and The Pitch Hub. 

Throughout the four days, many organisations have given nearly 200 participants their thoughts on CSR, and this continued on the final day. 

Betsy Lake and Ulfet Enver from ThinkYoung started the day off explaining how they use their think tanks to engage corporations and NGOs to collaborate and improve society for young people in their presentation, What do the Youth Need, and How can we Improve the World?



ThinkYoung is an international NGO and think-tank excelling in youth-related topics and synergies, with over 10 years’ experience in identifying what the youth need.

Their organisation, founded in 2009, has worked across the globe, bringing views of young people together, allowing them to be part of decision-making about what they need. 

Over the last decade, they have expanded to three hubs – Nairobi, Brussels and Geneva – inspiring 100,000 of young people along the way. 

Betsy and Ulfir discussed the impact that Covid-19 has had on ThinkYoung, but they have adapted, hosting online events such as their Thinkathon focusing on topics like the workplace of the future. 

“Corporations should drive positive change and collaboration with NGOs is essential,” explained the duo. 

Their findings are sent to corporations for positive change, and from their findings, they have seen that CSR improves corporate productivity within their workforce.

If you are interested in ThinkYoung, you can find all of their details on their website or become a member


Pitching Stories

The last speaker of the event was Aurelia Abena Attipoe, founder of The Pitch Hub, who talked us through The Art of Storytelling. 

The Pitch Hub is a Ghanaian social enterprise that is aimed at equipping young entrepreneurs in Ghana with soft skills and business management skills needed to build and sustain competitive business.

She improved her skills on pitching four years ago during Youth Time’s Idea Grant Competition in Amsterdam, when she won €3, 600 for her ideas . 

In those four years, she established partnerships with Sociale Generale and Ghana-Oracle Digital Enterprise Program.

“Storytelling is one of the most important things for entrepreneurs,” explained Aurelia. “If you don’t know how to get people’s attention, you don’t know how to get the right people.”


Grabbing Attention

Throughout the talk, Aurelia expanded on this theme, discussing how to grab the attention of people through a pitch. 

Making it relatable and creating something that resonates with potential investors or clients is vital, instructed Aurelia – “It is something that is within all of our consciousness.”

“Creating a winning story has to be unique and hits on a personal level. By doing research, you can tweak your story and make it more relatable.”

Aurelia also discussed different types of stories, including problem stories and team stories – giving the audience a real insight into how they can mould their platform for who they want to speak to. 

Afterwards, she guided the audience through how to create these stories to bring you success by keeping things simple and using images to benefit your cause. 


Closing Speech

This insightful session will be available on Youth Time’s social media platforms in the next couple of weeks along with every talk that has taken place over the last four days. 

Following the final session, relationship manager Michael Berg, thanked everyone for their attendance across the week as well as the speakers who have shared their knowledge. 

If you have missed anything from the 12 speakers, don’t worry, over the course of the next two weeks  you will be able to watch them back and gain some incredible insights.

Check out all the best bits from Day Three of ‘Is Corporate Responsibility Key To Sustainability?’ now:

Best Bits from Day Three of ‘Is Corporate Responsibility Key To Sustainability?’ Event

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