9 Apps to Make Your Everyday Life Easier

Many daily tasks have become easier thanks to the smartphone apps and there is definitely a lot to choose from. Here are 9 best of them apps to make everyone’s life easier according to Mashable.com.

Flush Toilet Finder
(see image above)

Very handy especially in foreign countries, the app has listings of more than 100,000 public restrooms worldwide.


Staying in touch with international news or just knowing about everything happening in the world is possible with this app. The app creates themed magazines with your selected topics.

Google Now

Search for everything using your own voice simply by saying “Ok, Google.”


Navigating in various cities in Europe and the US is easier than ever with Citymapper. The app collects data about local public transit and provides you with directions.


When you’re browsing through apps or websites and want to save something to read later, Pocket is what you need. Offline capabilities make sure you can read even when offline.


With this app, all your appointments and reminders will all be in one place. It syncs with Google, iCloud and Microsoft Exchange accounts.


This apps makes it easy for you to send money to people you know, hence the easiest way to pay your friends. It can also be used to request payments.


An app for everyone who spends a lot of time in a car, it looks up traffic data, road conditions and other relevant information. If you’re sitting in traffic, it can reroute your journey to bring you to your destination more quickly.


If you feel like checking out restaurants in your area, Yelp will be extremely helpful. It enables you to make a reservation, see a menu and can even navigate you to your chosen place.

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