Beer Culture In The Czech Republic, More Than Just A Drink


Beer is more than just a drink, especially in the Czech Republic, where the consumption of beer per person is higher than anywhere else. But consumption means more than simply drinking. Read on to discover different ways of getting to know the beer culture of the Czech Republic.

First, get to know its history 

Not so long ago, historians found evidence proving that the first Czech brewery was founded in the 10th century. This is several hundred years before most other beer-consuming countries started to use hops for beer production. At first, brewing was predominantly in the hands of the monasteries. Do you want to know more? Well, then you should definitely visit one of the beer museums in the Czech Republic. For example the Brewery Museum in Plzeň, where citizens are proud of their 15th century brewing house, where the entire history of beer is showcased. The smallest jug in the world, a beer brewing laboratory, and a Gothic malt house are just a few among the many exhibits the museum has on display. In addition, the museum organizes different kinds of workshops and tours, including training on the proper way to tap beer. 

Then learn how it is made today

České Budějovice is the home town of the original Budweiser beer. The beer is as old as the town, which was founded in the late 13th century. A visit to the brewery is a great way to get first-hand experience in how beer is made. Long traditions combine with modern technologies and a passion for brewing. During the tour, which is available in seven languages, visitors witness the whole process of brewing the beer that is enjoyed all around the world. 

Now, drink with the locals in a pub… 

If you think that knowing about the history of beer and the brewing processes is enough make you a beer expert in the Czech Republic, you are wrong. The most important step is just ahead of you – and that means drinking with the locals in a pub. We advise you not to try to keep up with the Czechs, who drink more beer than any other people in the world. The Czech Republic is listed as reporting a beer consumption of approximately 140 litres of beer per person each year, while the runner-up for the title, Seychelles, reports about 30 litres less! When drinking, try the typical Czech foods that go perfectly with beer. Utopenci, for example, are pickled sausages with onion and red pepper. For a meat-free option, check out the delicious Czech cheese which is soft inside with a coating of white mould – hermelín.

…or at a beer festival

Germany may have the biggest beer festival in the world, but the Czech festivals are worth visiting as well. From the Czech capital city to small towns around the country, beer festivals enjoy a growing popularity. One of the most interesting events of this kind has an almost 20-year-long tradition and takes place every year in August. Krkonošské pivní slavnosti is held in the mountain region and hosts regional, small, independent brewers.

Finally, relax 

Karlovy Vary is a well-known Bohemian spa town. How is that related to beer culture? Recently, beer spas and baths are becoming more and more popular. What exactly are beer spas? Basically, you soak in beer. According to Czechs, bathing in beer is not just fun, but is also a full body and mind experience. In The First Karlovy Vary Beer Spa, for example, visitors get to enjoy unlimited amounts of dark and light Krušovice beer during their spa treatment.

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