Become A Pilgrim, Join Unique Summer Camp In The Czech Republic


WANDERFUL! is more a training course, than a camp. The event is based on pilgrimage and outdoor guided activities. This is an experiential  journey through our inner and outer landscapes. Deadline to apply is May 15th. 

Group of 20 youth workers from different European countries will pilgrim together through Czech landscape. They will be sleeping outside, cooking for themselves, sharing different approaches and tools connected with community and nature based youth work. In the beginning there will be more of personal experience and individual reflection. Towards the end the focus will be more on how to use this experience back home in favour of youngsters and communities.

Main criteria:

  • youth workers, youth guides and mentors, personal development trainers;
  • wish to experience pilgrimage and reflect on own inner process;
  • are interested in exploring the potential of pilgrimage and outdoor guided activities as a tool for personal development, learning and transformation;
  • work with young people and have space and wish to use outcomes of the training back home;
  • are ready to spend one week walking in Czech landscape, in very basic conditions, in community with 20 people from different countries,
  • are able to speak in English.

The event will be held from 19th to 27th of June.

Place: Maria Stock Pilgrim Trail in West Bohemia, Czech Republic.

The program is not funded. Costs consist of three parts: food and accommodation – 110€,  programme facilitation, administrations, logistic – 90€. Organizers don’t provide travel arrangements neither travel costs reimbursement.

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