Bad Hair Day: How Does Hair Affect Your Mood?

I find that surprisingly odd that our hair indeed affects our mood and our day-to-day productivity. I started noticing a pattern that whenever I have a good-hair day everything seems more manageable in opposite to when I have a bad hair day. Turns out I'm not the only one.

Morning. I’m rushing to work because I got up late, 30 mins before my tram leaves. Of course, I decide to have a quick breakfast with whatever I find in the fridge because I can’t function well when I’m hungry. Meeting with colleagues, cooperating with many people throughout the day, even standing with people in the elevator. I feel like crap. Friends are inviting me to go out for dinner. I cancel. Why?

Because I didn’t wash my hair that morning. That affected my confidence the whole day. I regret that often, but this usually happens in the wintertime, when it’s dark in the morning and cold outside, so I just want to stay in a warm bed a bit more. And I regret that decision each time.

I think this situation is familiar to many people. I heard people saying that they canceled a date because of a bad hair day, or even asked for a day off from work saying they felt sick. Sounds pretty dumb, but it actually isn’t. While I thought it was an excuse for not being productive that day. I found out that this and many other physical nuances are essential for the day-to-day well-being of lots of people. And I’m not talking about things like feeling sick for example, when you have a stomachache or a headache, it is indeed hard to perform in those cases. It is more about things that are not seriously directed to health, but rather are things that don’t really have to affect us, but they do.


In What Ways Can Hair Boost Our Mood?

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When you didn’t get an opportunity to wash your hair, you feel heavy and messy throughout the day. Good hygiene has been always related to good health and reasonable well–being. For example, perhaps you’ve already heard that people who struggle with severe episodes of depression or who suffer from general depression disorder, oftentimes don’t keep up with proper hygiene, they feel this sick and down so they can’t seem to put up with simple tasks like that. Good hygiene creates a pleasant environment for daily activities.

It is also about feeling in control and therefore good about our lives and our space. No one wants to feel bad about it intentionally. When you know that you took good care of your hair, same as your overall appearance, you do feel integral. In addition to our space, you know also what happiness feels like. When we clean up our place, take a shower, do all our favorite beauty and skincare procedures and finally dive into clean and crispy bed sheets. Nothing feels better than that sometimes.

You also feel like a rockstar after a little trim at the beauty salon, ready to make this day yours. Because our hair is also a way of self-expression. No matter how cool your make-up is, if your nails are done, or your outfit is on point if we have split ends and an overall sloppy haircut, we don’t feel confident.


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Physical comfort like this indeed plays a crucial role in our lives. I used to think that my productivity doesn’t have to depend too much on such things, I thought that a really intelligent person would be able to be well-put-together, perform every day very well because they are intelligent and effective. But it is okay to feel a need to have fresh hair, a need to wear neat and comfortable clothes and shoes, a need not to feel bloated, a need to have well-groomed nails… you name it. So ladies and gentlemen, wash your hair to feel amazing!


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