Bad Guys As Heroes In Movies

Nobody likes bad guys, or so goes the theory. But when it comes to movies, everything can be different. Recognisable enough to be labeled a bad guy, and still he manages to get the viewers on his side. How? Watch these movies and have a nice weekend.

The Godfather 

Al Pacino as Michael Corleone is a typical bad guy hero representative. He establishes a lot of credibility by initially being reluctant to join the family business. His takeover of the leadership after his father dies makes him the uncompromised successor, consolidating the power of his clan.


Inspired by the Chicago gangster Al Capone, Al Pacino plays Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who manages to create his own drug empire practically from nothing.

American Gangster 

And drugs once again. Based on a true story – Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas, who came from nowhere and built his wealth on narcotics. His approach made him the best and cheapest supplier of drugs in New York. His rise and fall is captured in this movie.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 

None of these guys could be exactly considered a hero, but somehow it works like this in western movies. You can just choose the one you like best from the three of them: The Good, the Bad or the Ugly.

The Usual Suspects 

A boat blows up in a Californian harbour and many of the staff die, with only two survivors. The cops start investigating a small group of suspects, and each phase of the investigation brings more questions. But somehow the bad guy earns a lot of sympathy.

Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

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