Back to History. Russia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs 2014 Were Announced

The finale of the “Best Young Entrepreneur in Russia” contest was held in Moscow and young entrepreneurs fought for the title after they had proven the success of their businesses in the regional stages of the competition.

In the competition finale, 60 young entrepreneurs defended their business plans in front of the jury, which consisted of prominent representatives of the business community, successful business people, business coaches and the winners of previous years.

 Oleg Romanov with his project “Romanov’s House” won the “Successful Start” nomination. “The event is aimed at reviving the traditions of the ballroom. Every three months we organized themed costume balls. At our club, there is a school of historical dance, where we learn the most popular dances of the 18th and 19th century: the waltz, polonaise, polka, katilon, ecossaise and many others,” stated Romanov.

The competition is held annually as part of the Federal Program “You – Entrepreneur”. In 2014 it featured 65 regions of Russia and more than 2,500 entrepreneurs between 16 and 30 years of age. The top 60 young entrepreneurs made it in the finale.

List of Winners for 2014:

  • Nomination “Socially Responsible Business”: Dmitriy Kazakov for the system orientation for blind people
  • Nomination “Student Business”: Maria Masovets for the “LogisticAuto” cargo
  • Nomination “Innovative Business”: Yulia Formicheva for the production of ATVs
  • Nomination “Agriculture”: Aleksandr Popov for the cultivation of seeds “Seeds of Komi”
  • Nomination “Services Sector”: Valeriy Cherkasov for designing buildings and structures “ProSDGroup”
  • Nomination “Production”: Ivan Afanasyev for manufacturing electro-pneumatic weapons
  • Nomination “Female Business”: Elizaveta Vylegzhanina for the fitness club “Club MONROE”
  • Nomination “Family Business”: Arina Sergeeva for the clothing Ltd.
  • Nomination “Franchising”: Anastasiya Baranova for the production of grain
  • Nomination “Small Innovative Business”: Aleksandr Mikhailov for the production of parts and assemblies for aerospace engineering




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