Autumn in the Kitchen – Typical Autumn Dishes


Something quick and light and easy to pick up during the day, often not even following the usual concept of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  That’s what many people think of, when they think of food during hot summer days.  But autumn, that is quite a different story. Autumn has its own rules and, believe it or not, also its own meals: heavier, colourful, and warm, of course. Today we at YT have chosen for you the most typical autumn dishes.

Pumpkin soup

Recipe for pumpkin soup.

Cheesecake with plums

Recipe for Cheesecake with plums.

Spicy dishes – Indian pilau rice with chicken tikka masala curry, naan bread, vegetable samosas, and onion bhajis

Recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala

Venison with wine rose sauce and mushrooms

Recipe for Venison with rosehip sauce and mushrooms

Roast Goose with Potatoes, Apple and Quince

Recipe for Roast Goose 

Mushroom quiches

Recipe for Mushroom quiches

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